Pulled Oats Plant Based protein

You may know that despite my deep love for food, I try to eat more and more vegetarian food, for sustainability reasons. Removing at least beef, veal and lamb from your diet can make a huge impact on the planet. But then, you need your proteins, right?!

I was recently invited to the launch of Pulled Oats Australia where we tried Pulled Oats as part of a 4-course dinner hosted by Yumi Styles with a cooking show from Tom Walton. It was a wonderful dinner where I learned a lot about this new plant-based protein, made from Nordic oats, faba beans, and peas.

pulled oats Australia main image

Changing the world is delicious

Maija Itkonen, founder of Gold&Green Foods, saw an opportunity to be part of the solution in the global environmental crisis after realising the untapped potential of the Nordic oats, one of the world’s most ecological crops. She partnered with an oat scientist and together they developed an innovative mechanical process that combines oats with faba bean and yellow pea protein to create not only a planet-friendly but also a highly nutritious plant-based protein with a short and simple ingredient list.

Maija explains, “From the very beginning our passion has been to change eating habits for healthier people and planet – with delicious new plant-based food. We also wanted to create a protein that does not mimic anything but is a true plant-based alternative that stands on its own. It can be used like chicken, pork or beef and we do have even some fish recipes, which are amazing.”

It’s a great non-soy-based alternative with high proteine content and a balanced amino acid composition.

Pulled Oats® is made by mixing, grinding, and heating together Nordic oats, yellow pea and faba bean protein. The ingredients are treated with the utmost respect by processing them as little as possible and in a similar, very controlled way of making bread. Short and simple, Pulled Oats® consists of only six ingredients: Nordic oats, faba bean and pea protein, water, oil and spices.