Mexico through your senses at Maiz restaurant

ST - Maiz - Mexico through your senses
Maiz is the new buzzing Mexican restaurant in Newtown. 
Chef Juan Carlos (Three Blue Ducks, Milpa collective) is bringing authentic Mexican food to Sydney with a traditional menu mainly made with corn (Maiz in Spanish), which makes it a 100% gluten-free restaurant. 
In Sydney’s Mexican community, Maiz is being heralded as real-deal Mexican food, with 4.9 out of 200 google reviews proving it. I’m not Mexican, but I lived in Mexico for 6 months and I can confirm the food, the atmosphere, the cocktails, and the vibes really take you on a trip to Mexico!
The traditional cuisine purposefully steers away from your typical taco (yes, they have a no-taco policy to show the Mexican food is so much more). Everything is super fresh, sustainable and created in-house (including the traditional mole sauce that has 30 ingredients in it and takes 2 days to cook).
The venue is filled with colours and music, a courtyard loaded with fairy lights, and it boasts happy vibes with the customers and staff, the buzz you get in this part of Sydney is the closest buzz you would get in the streets of Mexico.
ST - Maiz - Mexico through your senses
As Vivid has begun, Juan Carlos has partnered with a team of entrepreneurs in the audio-visual, arts & food industry to put together an exciting multi-sensory dining experience, called Mexico through your senses.
While you indulge in a four-course degustation dinner with 2 paired drinks, you’ll be immersed in a cultural and culinary journey through the colours, rhythms, forms and flavours of Mexico. It will arouse your senses, open your heart and connect you with the Mexican culture, memories, traditions and stories.
Directed by Mariana Calzada, produced by Pixen: Media and sponsored by El Cielo Foods, Frido Cacao and Maíz Restaurant.  


Presented at Maiz Restaurant 
Address: 415 King St, Newtown 
Dates the 8th and the 22nd of June 2 
Showtimes – 6:00pm (arrival at 5:45pm) + 8:00pm (arrival at 7:45pm) 
Bookings are essential. Book your tickets here 
Tickets $210 aud Courtyard / $190 aud Balcony. Price per head 
ST - Maiz - Mexico through your senses