3 gelaterias you must try this summer

Messina tends to be an obvious go-to for gelato. With locations dotted all over the country and at least 3 new specials every week, it’s hard to pass up on the staple that is Gelato Messina. Fortunately for us in Sydney, there is no shortage of amazing gelaterias—some are even (dare I say it?) better than Gelato Messina. 

Don’t get us wrong, we absolutely adore Gelato Messina. Their quality stays consistently high, they keep us interested with their mountains of specials every week and they support local producers. However, change is good, and to keep things interesting we like to explore the many gelaterias that Sydney has. Though it’s hard to pick, we’ve rounded up our top 3 gelato spots in Sydney.

Cow and The Moon, Enmore

Cow & the Moon is a well-known inner-west icon.

The gelateria which also serves up yummy cakes and coffees was named 2014 World’s Best Gelato Makers in Rimini, Italy. If beating world-class gelato artisans in Italy doesn’t tell you how good they are, then we don’t know what will. With a mix of staples and seasonal delights, every flavour in Cow and the Moon’s range is to-die-for. We wish we could vouch for all but, that’s going to take us some time. In the meanwhile, here are a few of our favourites: cherry-mania, balsamic strawberry and mandorla affogato. We know, they sound amazing but, you’re most likely going to queue before you get to try them.

Cow and the Moon is notoriously known for the long lines but it’s just a testament as to how good it actually is.

Insta @cowandthemoon

Mapo Gelato, Newtown

Mapo is new to the gelato-scene in Sydney.

Though easily missed or mistaken for a bubble tea shop, Mapo is definitely not a gelateria to skip. Their menu keeps a few staples like gianduja, fior di latte and Bolivian single chocolate and often features seasonal specials. For summer, expect watermelon, nectarine and mango sorbets that taste fresher than the fruit itself.

Mapo also includes creative flavours like smoked macadamia, green tea and roasted brown rice and banana milk. We highly recommend their gianduja which is basically Nutella but so much more delicious. For all the vegans out there, they also stock more than just sorbet for you. 

Insta @mapo_newtown

Rivareno Gelato, Darlinghurst

The company’s first branch outside of Europe did not disappoint. True to their methods in Italy, Rivareno keeps their gelato inside cylinders and only makes batches to last the day (they usually remake if they run out) for ultimate freshness.

You can tell the difference, the gelato is extremely creamy and fluffy and the ingredients are more prominently tasted.

Our pick is the Roman classic, The Alice which has a mascarpone and marsala base that’s drizzled with a stream of gianduja sauce. 

Insta @rivarenogelatoaus